loss of BB connection following upgrade

  logoff 09:29 05 Nov 2009

I upgraded my Vista SP2 64 bit system to Windows 7 last week. All went well except had trouble reinstalling programmes-found the windows.old file but unable to reinstall some programmes -in particular Office 2007.

Did a fresh install last night and found I lost my BB connection -message indicated "you do not have an IP address" but have not had time to check much out yet or contact O2, my BB provider.
Is this something simple that anyone can suggest an answer to? Grateful for any ideas!

  ambra4 12:24 05 Nov 2009

“Loss of BB connection following upgrade”

Check that the Lan card is set up to “Obtain an IP address and DNS server address


“Found the windows old file but unable to reinstall some programmes -in particular Office 2007

You cannot install programs from the Windows old folder. The folder is just a back up of the

software, drivers, data of the previous OS that was installed on the computer before you installed

Windows 7

You have to do a fresh install from the CD/DVD

  logoff 13:31 05 Nov 2009

Thanks ambra4 I will try that and see what happens when I get home tonight. I had done a fresh install of Office -that seemed to cause the problem!

Will try the LAN card set-up

  logoff 09:00 06 Nov 2009

Can anyone advise how to access the LAN card? I can right click the Local Area Network tab on the taskbar but that only gives limited options such as set up/repair network etc. I connected the modem to my son's vista home premium desktop and that works OK but connecting mine via ethernet cable resulted in intermittent connection only. Had to keep turning on and off to regain internet access and only stayed on-line briefly.

Grateful for any further input.

  ambra4 09:47 06 Nov 2009

How To Set Up The Lan Card In windows 7

Right click on the Internet Icon in the task bar click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”

Right click on the “Local Area Connection” – Properties

In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window all boxes will be ticked

Windows Vista & Windows 7 contains both the familiar IPv4 stack and the new IPv6 stack.

IPv6, when it is rolled out across the Internet over the next few years, will bring an end to the

problem of running out of IP addresses and improve other aspects of TCP/IP operation.

However, you do not need IPv6 at present time disabling IPv6 in Vista & Windows 7 will help

To speed up the connection on your broadband service

Check this site on how to disable IPv6

click here

Click-Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) Click the “Properties” button

Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

Click- Advanced-Click-WINS Tab-Tick-Enable LMHOSTS Lookup if un-tick

Click “OK”.

Your computer network card is now, configured for use with the Modem/Router

Other Lan Card Setting

Right click on Local Area Connection Display Icon on task bar

Click Status-General-Properties

At the top of display the type of Lan card will be displayed

Click Configure – Click - Advanced Tab

Click- Connection Type - Change to “Auto- Negotiation”

Click- Flow Control-Change to “Hardware Default (Auto)”

Click-Power Management Tab

Un-Tick if selected "Allow Computer to turn this device off to save power

  ambra4 09:59 06 Nov 2009

Sorry, about that you need you Click on “Change Adapter Setting” after clicking on

“Open Network and Sharing Center”

  ambra4 10:04 06 Nov 2009

The same type of set up would apply if there were a wireless card installed on the computer

Just check the “Wireless Network Connection” is set up correct

  logoff 10:09 06 Nov 2009

ambra4 -thanks again, will give that a go tonight if time permits. The link to how to disable IPv6 seems to go to a University website though? Is that correct?

Appreciate your support-realise how little I understand Windows 7 or even Vista now!


  ambra4 10:35 06 Nov 2009

The link to how to disable IPv6 seems to go to a University website though? Is that correct?

Yes,just download the PDF file

  ambra4 10:38 06 Nov 2009

If you cannot download the file this is what you have to do

In the “Local or Wireless Network Connection”, you need to un-check the following items

“Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”

“Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver”

“Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder”

  logoff 10:58 06 Nov 2009

ambra4 -thanks again and will devote some time to this over the weekend. Will let you know how it goes. All the best,

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