Looking for the most reliable parental control for Windows

  PolaMeg 14:02 21 Aug 2014

Hi guys, I would be grateful if some of you would like to share their experience and suggestions concerning the best parental control for Windows. Thanks for any advice

  onthelimit1 14:46 21 Aug 2014

Most ISPs now offer free parental control software, often built-in to the router. As alternatives, have a look here.

  TamY 12:14 26 Aug 2014

I've been using the PCWebControl for about 2 years and I'm satisfied. Lot of useful features and friendly interface. Just remember that any parental control will replace parent's takig care of their kids.

  Devil Fish 22:57 29 Aug 2014

no parental control is 100% effective pick one you are comfortable with but as always best parental control is yourself

1) set boundaries like amount of time allowed on internet

2) set pc or other device up in a prominent area so you can keep an eye

3) interact with the child while they are surfing take an interest in what they are doing converse so it doesn't seem like your just watching them

just takes a little time from your day but can be very rewarding for yourself and the child.

I do the above with my child she ridicules me for not knowing who twilight sparkle is, But we have fun and im keeping a watchful eye at same time

  onthelimit1 13:36 07 Sep 2014

Jock1e - looks like yet another poster who never comes back with update (or anything else!).

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