long delay in booting HP laptop

  tonygold 08:27 18 Apr 2018

hi all it seems to be getting worse!! HP Envy laptop model: 15-ah150na windows 10 version 1709 2TB hard drive with only 250GB used.

to get to a usable google chrome start page from bootup is now taking over 5 minutes (up from the slow 3 minutes of last week. when i first got the laptop (about a year ago), bootup was well under a minute.

i have checked startup programs and very few there (windows defender is the main one), disabled the rest. once up and running the laptop performs as it should but this slow boot is driving me mad if i need to switch on quickly just to check something online briefly!!

any help would be appreciated. i do not have any discs with this machine and do not fancy having to reinstall everything if possible!

many thanks.

  tonygold 09:00 18 Apr 2018

hi rdave the option to turn on fast start-up was already unticked. i also tried disenabling google sync in my start up programs but that made no difference. only 2 items enabled in start up now - 'windows defender notification icon' and 'classic start menu'.

thanks for your suggestion though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:17 19 Apr 2018

Slow boot win 10

  1. Disable FAstboot
  2. Update graphics driver
  3. Make sure you have plenty of virtual memory (make sur your op system partition has 20% free space)
  4. Disable high impact programs on start (msconfig - startup tab)
  5. Make sure you AV or antimalware is not doing a startup scan or windows is indexing your drives.
  6. Turn off the Linux terminal BASH if you don't know what this is then its unlikely you have it switched on)
  7. Fresh install win 10
  wiganken2 09:09 19 Apr 2018

If it was OK and now it is not then something caused it and it may be a program you installed. If you can think back to when it started then look into any programs/apps you installed just before the problem started. You can see the installation date in Installed Programs window. See if uninstalling that program fixes it. You can always re-install it if it doesn't work.

  tonygold 09:14 19 Apr 2018

i actually think it may have happened on a previous windows update. i think it's been getting worse since december-ish but i can't be sure.

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