logitech webcam

  [email protected] 19:20 02 Aug 2007

i have just spent 3 hours trying to install a logitech webcam, the vista disc that came with it wouldnt work, i downloaded a new version (quickcam 11) ran as administrater with uac off.
wouldnt work the logitech software kept telling me no camera detected, this is because vista loads something else as well. so i tried in safe mode when rebooted vista loaded its own whatever dissabling my webcam, so i got talked through it, now i can find my way round things but this was well over my head.
it worked well i spoke to my brother crystal clear.
turned off pc, turned it back on and vista's screwed it up again, i have tried this clicking 'remind me later' install software' and 'dont show this message again' oh and cancel
all no good vista keeps on loading a driver it admits it doesnt have!
any ideas gratefully recieved, thank god i kept xp

  anskyber 19:29 02 Aug 2007


Go into Control Panel and find the download you do not want any more (mainly because it looks as if you already have it) highlight it, right click and choose hide update. It will leave you alone from then on.

  [email protected] 19:35 02 Aug 2007

hi, where in control panel is it? if i go to windows update history it now tells me i have had no updates yet none are available?
in device manager when its working it says logitech stx webcam> this device is working properly, after i reboot it sya unknow device and the logitech software cant see the webcam?
what a mess!

  Pine Man 19:37 02 Aug 2007

It maybe the Logitech driver conflicting with the Vista driver.

I have a Logitech webcam that came with W98 software. I checked Logitechs site for a Vista driver and it told me that my webcam would not work with Vista.

I have Skype so I just plugged my USB webcam into my machine, it found a generic driver that worked it and Skype worked a treat.

I should have left it there!

Determined to find a Logitech driver I found one called ImageStudio that suggested it might work and downloaded it. It worked fine but clearly it wasn't necessary as it didn't improve the use of Skype. So I removed it - bad move!

No camera. I cleared all of the Logitech stuff out of my registry and tried to get Vista to install a generic driver again - no joy.

I have two computers; Vista and XP. Guess where my webcam is connected now!

  [email protected] 19:43 02 Aug 2007

this is well messed up, it's a brand new £50 vista webcam, anyway theres something proper odd going on.
this system was running fine the only changes made are an anytime upgrade to ultimate and a clean instal off kis 7 last night, all my history is missing, it now boots the second monitor first then switches screens back but only after nvidia sorts things out im going to try and revert to when i had home premium, i think the webcam may be the least of my worries!

  anskyber 19:45 02 Aug 2007

You could try uninstalling everthing Logitech and the driver and plug the camera in to see if Vista will find it for you. Which camera is it?

  [email protected] 19:53 02 Aug 2007

it a communicate stx, i have logitech keyboards, mice speakers all times 2, and have been very pleased but if their 'vista (printed on the box not a sticker) webcam has messed up my ultimate upgrade, i shall not be happy! and i wanted an early night! will post back after i try to fix whatever is broke (><)

  [email protected] 20:14 02 Aug 2007

yes thats how it's done, on the camera, box, instructions and software there are message telling you under no circumstances' connect camera until promted to' so i didnt.
i now have 2 entries for webcam on mscofig, both dissabled and reg mech 6 doesnt find any problems (perhaps because i paid for it) nor does ccleaner issues, anyway i can remove one of them with reg edit?
anyway this is how it's done:
1) careful when you break the cd it came with, it feels this it's going to fold in half but shatters.
2) dont download anything.
3) against all warnings, and there are many, plug the webcam into a spare usb2 port
4) windows will instal a) a composite usb device b) an audio usb device, and c) (you have to wait a while) logitech quickcam 11
5) work through the wizard and when it gets to 'safe to connect cam' its already there and working!
6) on audio select everthing auto, it uses the speakers as a mike say say something till the light goes green, click ok
7) disable evrything with logitech on startup, except set point and drivers.

now anyone know how to delete one of the 2 entries in my msconfig? is it just delete one of the 2 in regedit or would you leave it alone?

thanks anskybar i wouldnt have tried that because of the warnings

  goldfishg 16:07 27 Aug 2007

I cannot record any video on this but my very slow video appears on the screen. When I press the record button it says

"Unable to open the audio device for recording. The audio device is not installed or is not working properly"

I have just plugged in a headphone set with a mike. But still get these errors.

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