Logitech mouse unresponsive - windows 10

  JJadams 11:02 02 Jan 2017

Hello, I just bought a new custom PC with windows 10, the problem is that my PC isn't responding to mouse clicks very well, it's like a 1 in 10 chance that it will click, (most commonly left click) although sometimes it works better than every now and then, sometimes when I hover on a tab, it won't go "hot" like it is meant to, I know that it is a PC sided issue because I have tried multiple different mouses, wired and wireless and both of them work fine on my laptop, I have already tried to clean boot and all drivers/windows updates have been done, the mouse doesn't actually have a driver it just has software to tune it, this PC is only a week old and I have no clue on what's wrong with it!

  alanrwood 11:30 02 Jan 2017

The mouse does have a driver even if it uses the MS generic one. The "software to tune it" is itself the driver.

If the mouse came with the PC then take it back to where you bought it and let them sort it out.

Is the mouse a "special" or just a standard one. If so try a normal mouse and see what happens. If it works fine then the problem is almost certainly with the "Special" mouse software. Try installing it in compatibility mode.

  Govan1x 11:41 02 Jan 2017

Have you tried this. it always worked fine for me on W10.My memory is not great but have you tried changing the battery on it.

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