Location not available on internal Hard-drive.

  Hamiz Ahmad 11:46 12 Jun 2017

Every thing is working fine. I have only 1 drive and only folder downloads not working. How can i Solve it?

  Hamiz Ahmad 11:48 12 Jun 2017
  lotvic 13:32 12 Jun 2017

Some more details of your pc would help. What were/are you doing to get this popup?

Have you reinstalled OS and now this is happening? or was there some other event? A bit of history might give some clues as to the cause.

I notice in the background listed there are numerous 'ThisPC\Desktop', how are you getting to that window?

  Howdy-Doody 10:28 13 Jun 2017

Are you able to navigate to the Downloads folder? It’s in the C: > Users > User Name folder.

If you can, then right click the folder > Properties > Location tab. If the path doesn’t look right, click the ‘Restore default’ tab.

[img][click here]1

  Howdy-Doody 10:29 13 Jun 2017

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