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  wirleyt 13:44 14 Jan 2013

I have just bought a new windows 7 compuiter . So am very new to it When i try topen links or attachmwnt on e mail or go into virtual tours on websites all i am getting is a blank page. I have even had to use another computer to activate the link for my registration wit PC advisor, i used my partners xp computer . Can any one advise what might be wrong. Kind regards Shirley

  northumbria61 12:03 15 Jan 2013

Check whether Internet Explorer 9 is the default program for browsing Internet.

a) Open Internet Explorer.

b) Go to Tools.

c) Go to Internet Options.

d) Under Programs Tab, click on Make default and click on OK.

  lotvic 16:50 15 Jan 2013

if IE opens but you only get a blank page - You may need Java to view all the content of the websites you are trying to see. You can test if you have it installed by going to and then clicking on 'Verify java Version'

and Adobe Flash. "Most videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player. If you're having trouble playing videos on YouTube, we suggest you install the latest version of the Flash player" YouTube and Flash

  MrDigital01 17:49 15 Jan 2013

I don't think its matter of java or flash player. I think its due to the website connection which gives the error. Better check the network connection.

  lotvic 17:58 15 Jan 2013

Reading the OP's post, he does not appear to have a problem with connection to internet only with viewing the content. as in "or go into virtual tours on websites all i am getting is a blank page"

However for the blank page when clicking on link in email, it's worth checking if IE is opening in 'Offline' mode. (Cog Wheel | Work offline)

  wirleyt 19:40 15 Jan 2013

Thanks for your suggestions Have loaded java, Still no luck. I am connected to the internet, that is working fine, it is when viewing attachments page or say going into a virtual tour that the blank page appears. Have checked the internet explorer and i am on i e explorer 9. How do i check if the internet is opening offline offline? Firefox is already installed.Any more help would be much appreciated. Oh by the way my computer system is Zoostorm intel cor i5/ 2320

  wirleyt 19:47 15 Jan 2013

Hi folks thanks for all your suggestions. Have loaded Java still no luck I have checked and i a on IE 9 I am definiteley connected to the internet. Web pages do come up but it is the links for attachments or virtual tours that show a blank page . Could someone tell me how to check if the internet is working offline

My computer system i a zoostorm Look forward to any other help that you can give Regards Shiley

  northumbria61 20:25 15 Jan 2013

A good article from Leo's Answers about Java - is it really needed. enter link description here

I have Windows 7 64bit - everything works for me - I don't have Java installed.

  buston 17:26 21 Jan 2013

You have my sympathy as have the same problem and have not found a solution despite trying all suggestions. Been working on it all day. Will now contact BTYahoo for advice as the problem only affects emails to my newish W7/IE9 computer; no problem with the old Vista laptop.

  buston 20:27 25 Jan 2013

Problem solved by downloading Firefox and making it the default browser. There was definitely a fault with IE and widows 7 on my ASUS computer.

  lotvic 02:26 26 Jan 2013

Just to add a note: I've gone off Java as 99% websites don't need it and in any case Firefox blocks from using it and flags it as 'Security Risk' in Add-ons.

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