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light scibe software not working

  conrail 12:16 19 Apr 2016

using HP Pavilion laptop with lightscribe drive, also have external lightscribe drive from old pc, trying to burn a disc image, had laptop for 1 year, haven't used lightscribe since obtaining laptop so 1st time use on laptop. trying to burn image to disc and I get the following error: click here when trying to download latest version of lightscribe, virgin media tells me it can't find it, have searched and downloaded from cnet but still not working, can anybody help please, have a number of discs to put title on for local youth group, all help and advice appreciated

  Svol 12:30 19 Apr 2016

Lightscribe appears to be discontinued by HP. As an alternative take at a look at:

CDBurner - Lightscribe

Lightscribe Download

  chub_tor 13:11 19 Apr 2016

What operating system do you have? According to the software descriptions listed by Svol the lightscribe software is intended for use only up to Vista.

  conrail 13:30 19 Apr 2016

thanks svol will look into that and let you know the results, thanks chub_tor, thought I had put, o/s windows 10 at the moment away from laptop so will keep you informed

  beeuuem~2 00:23 20 Apr 2016

I also haven't used my Lightscribe drive for a while but your inquiry made me try it - and it didn't work in W7 64 ! BUT downloading and running the LightScribe Simple Labeler from click here got it running in that program and SureThing CD labeler.

I'll try it in W10 and let you know if it works there.

  beeuuem~2 02:58 20 Apr 2016

I ran the Lightscribe download and LightScribe Simple Labeller worked perfectly in W10 Pro 64. I did have to install SureThing CD labeller in XP SP3 compatibility mode but that now also works without any problem on my Optiarc AD7621S DVD RW drive.

  conrail 09:46 20 Apr 2016

thank you svol, that has worked fine, thank you beeuuem~2, I am currently playing about with your program, unfortunately nothing needs burning yet so I will keep you informed, I appreciate all your help and advice, again many thanks

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