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  jz 18:37 22 Nov 2007

I was wondering how long it would last. When will it be merged into the Helproom forum?

  Pine Man 18:49 22 Nov 2007

The problem is that if you add all of these subjects to the 'helproom' that forum will be so big that most subjects will be hidden on page two within an hour or so.

I was a bit disappointed to see that the powers that be decided that 'Mobile world' was a more important forum than Linux. Since 'Mobile world' has been running it has attracted on average one subject a day!

  Totally-braindead 20:26 22 Nov 2007

To be fair Pine Man it is early days.

I've no interest at all in Mobile World but see what happens in a couple of months. If it doesn't take off then I'm sure they will shut it down.

As for your Linux idea if I had another PC then I might try it but I have one PC and therefore will have to stick with windows.

jz it will disappear when it no longer needed and when that will be who knows. Maybe a year. Or if its busy enough and the helprooms busy as well they might keep it. I honestly can't recall how long the XP forum was here.

You'll just have to wait and see.

  skidzy 21:02 22 Nov 2007

im sure you know already;

You can try Linux if only from the live cd,no installation required,if you like it,you could dual boot.

I have a test machine that has XP Pro / OSLinux07 / and Kubuntu loaded to the harddrive.
Admittingly it is used for a bit of fun and nothing serious is kept on the machine.

This has not crashed or caused any problem since i installed these.

The only issues i have regarding Linux is getting the wireless connection to work relibly.

Back to topic in hand;

I think the Vista forum will stay as the wealth of knowledge is growing by the day.
Vista is reasonably new but does have its issues with some,keeping it on its own away from the helproom will aid in research and help from those who are specializng in Vista.

  mammak 22:08 22 Nov 2007

Strange you should mention Linux live CD on one of my XP Machines I downloaded Linux Puppy for the sole purpose of trying it out can I get Nero to burn the ISO can I heck! didn't want to risk it on my Vista lappie so I am not a happy Bunny (or Puppy as the case may be :))

jz sorry for hijacking your thread, as it happens I was thinking the exact same as your self regarding how long this Vista forum would run the Vista forum hasn't much traffic at all! infact a big percentage of Vista problems are posted in the Helproom i would give it maybe a year at most.

  skidzy 22:42 22 Nov 2007

click here
Try Deepburner to burn the iso,i dont use Nero so im afraid my response is limited.

Though i would say try out LOS = PCLinuxOS
Ever more like windows,certainly a new learning curve.

  Pine Man 09:21 13 Jan 2008

...nice try but this is SPAM!!!

  palinka 20:54 21 Jan 2008

MY new Vista machine arrives tomorrow; I expect to be back at this forum a few times after that.
(Moving from an XP). I hope this forum will be around for a while yet.

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