wee eddie 04:08 20 Oct 2012

Don't like Libraries, don't want Libraries, I've got a Photo Filing system that allows me to find almost any of my several thousand photos in seconds, but apparently I'm stuck with Libraries unless I wish to start messing around with the registry, which is above my Pay Grade!

So, I'm looking for a way around having Useless Folders full of Short-cuts.

Is it possible to deny, the Libraries, access to my Photo Folders?

  difarn 17:12 20 Oct 2012

You may find this useful - it is a registry hack but it is done for you, and it is reversible.

  Forum Editor 17:31 20 Oct 2012

The libraries feature was hailed as one of the best things in Windows 7, and I must say I find it really useful. Once you get used to using libraries you really appreciate how effective it is.

Libraries is tightly integrated into the Windows7 shell, and you're not going to remove it completely. If you really want to disable the feature however, you can do it, but you'll need to hack the Windows registry.

Read about how to do that here

  Forum Editor 17:33 20 Oct 2012

I took a phone call halfway through my post, and didn't realise that difarn had already said much the same thing. Her method might be preferable if you're not keen on dabbling in the registry.

  wee eddie 04:25 21 Oct 2012

"The libraries feature was hailed as one of the best things in Windows 7"

by whom.

If it was by the sycophants that have written the reviews of Windows 8, I'm not that surprised. I've read 3 different Magazine Reviews and, although I know that you Journos cannot be bribed, but I still find myself wondering which holiday they chose.

I'm sure that Libraries are good if you haven't got a Filing System but, to me, they are just the same as those pesky Photo Manipulation Programs that want to re-catalogue all your pics.

  Forum Editor 11:36 21 Oct 2012

"by whom."

By many people - me included. Your inference that we're all sycophants and that us "Journos" are bribed to say good things about products is very silly. Think about it for a nanosecond (which you obviously didn't) and you understand why.

It doesn't matter how good your personal filing system is you'll be unlikely to have one that's as efficient and easy to manage as the library system. The whole point about libraries is the way that they enable you to rapidly track files that are in various locations, saving time on drilling down through various folders.

I have tens of thousands of document files, over thirteen thousand images, and huge numbers of email files stored on my machines, and libraries makes short work of locating any one of them. You may not like the idea, and that's your decision of course, but dismissing something out of hand without giving it a fair trial seems a bit daft to me.

That said, you can easily disable the library feature - just follow the advice we've provided.

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