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  tonyq 19:00 24 Feb 2007

firstly I'm not to sure how to explain the question I need to ask. In other versions of Windows other than Vista,there is an option when viewing, lets say Explorer files as an example, where you can click on a button/icon to go back up a level, I am unable to find this in Vista is there such a button/icon in Vista?

  25paul 19:06 24 Feb 2007

theres a blue round button with a white left pointing arrow at the top left of the screen for going back to the previous page.

  tonyq 19:16 24 Feb 2007

sorry,do not mean that back button.

  tonyq 19:28 24 Feb 2007

please see this link,the button/icon i'm meaning is encircled in red.
click here

  BurrWalnut 19:36 24 Feb 2007

You just click on the folder name in the address bar, e.g. if you're viewing Windows System32 Branding and you want to go to a higher level just click, say, System32.

  BurrWalnut 19:40 24 Feb 2007

I forgot to say there is also the down-arrow alongside the backward/forward arrows.

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