lenovo, zoostorm, all in one or touch

  jkdmr 11:50 25 Aug 2016

I am looking at replacing my old and broken laptop with a desktop. Due to finances I am limited to looking in the catalogue to buy monthly. I am stuck choosing the best for my needs. Any advice would be appreciated. Lenovo or Zoostorm - which is the better? For home use (small business, writing letters uploading sales onto websites, photos, internet research) Do I go for an all in one or a tower? Lenovo or Zoostorm? I3 or I5?? Help required - please

  wee eddie 16:23 25 Aug 2016

Almost all sellers offer her Hire Purchase or Leasing as Options.

As you appear to be running a Business, Leasing is probably your best option but be aware that at the end of the Contract, they still own the item you've been paying for. Your gain is in Tax

  Forum Editor 18:25 25 Aug 2016

Unless you have a specific reason for wanting a desktop machine, I would advise going for a new laptop. Just as powerful, but more flexible and takes up less room.

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