Latest build win 10 and Edge ???

  Gordon Freeman 14:03 08 Jun 2017

Recently installed this on laptop (can't remember build number but I got it 2 days ago), and seems to be running well. Seems slick, fast, responsive, all good so far. Much better than when I first did the install when win 10 first came out which just slowed my machine right down.

One problem only with Edge. It won't keep my homepage. I've tried setting it to my preference, clicking the 'save' icon in settings, but it insists on giving me 'msn' as hompage. Any solutions I can try? Thanks,

  [DELETED] 16:11 08 Jun 2017

These are my settings in Edge, under settings I have 'open Microsoft Edge with' 'a specific page or pages' and saved click here com/

'Open new tabs' with a blank page.

Under Advanced settings have 'show the home button ' to on, 'a specific page', again set to click here com/ and saved. So Edge opens to Google, a new tab opens a blank page and I use the Home button to open Google on the blank tab.

  [DELETED] 16:13 08 Jun 2017

Dash it, not true links, but they should show h t t p://google. com/ without the spaces.

  [DELETED] 16:24 08 Jun 2017

To find the build version just type winver in the search field, click on 'winver run command' and you end up with similar to this;

  Gordon Freeman 19:42 08 Jun 2017

Excellent rdave13, thanks. It was the bit in advance settings that I hadn't done. Yes, the build number is same as yours. Thanks again.

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