At last! - SP1

  hansa 20:38 10 Sep 2008

Don't know what has changed on my machine but yesterday's updates finally included SP1.

Installed remarkably quickly and with no hassle.

So far, so good.

  skidzy 16:54 11 Sep 2008

Nothing has changed on your computer except for possible updates.
Reason why you now have sp1 is possibly because MS have sorted there driver issues with your current drivers.A lot of people would not receive the sp1 update due to conflicts with hardware and the associated drivers.

I could not install sp1 for a little while due to a bug in the update and my graphics card,however this was sorted quite quickly and have been running sp1 for some time now with no ill effects.

  Pine Man 17:15 11 Sep 2008

Me to - I had almost given up.

Took just over half an hour and then some further updates became available for download. I think Creative drivers were the reason it took so long in my case.

So far everything seems ok (crossing fingers and touching wood etc!)

  AL47 19:45 11 Sep 2008

i have given up, xp goes on at the weekend, bye vista, ur update program has failed on my laptop

  skidzy 19:53 11 Sep 2008

do you have a specific problem that we maybe able to help with ?

I know Vista has its knockers,but for me -i think Vista is very good once you get used to it and find your way around.
Even though i have sp1 installed,i have not noticed any real difference to the everyday habits.
Obviously it also addresses the security side not to mentiuon the stability of the os.

  AL47 20:23 11 Sep 2008

updates wont go in at all

tried a fix with a tool from microsoft, BITS i think, said there wasnt a problem,

i doubt sp1 will be ready for my laptop for a considerable time, graphics card etc drivers and extra devices

  peter99co 21:34 11 Sep 2008

After many mails and suggested remedies from Microsoft I can report that my Windows media player is now fixed.

It worked until SP1 and would then not RIP more than one cd before freezing. It was finally tracked down to a sound card driver...

  hansa 21:38 11 Sep 2008

methinks I spoke too soon.
Seems to be a conflict with KIS7 inasmuch as not all modules of KIS running. As a stop gap have restored to previous version (TG for Acronis) until I, or some expert, can figure out what is causing the problem.

Think it may be all the messages from windows asking me to allow changes to the registry. (Think I may have disallowed a couple by mistake) Will check things out over the weekend.

Pine Man - me too thinking it may be Creative drivers.

  Fried~Chips 23:34 11 Sep 2008

uninstall it and re-install KIS7, then download and install the engine update or if you can get the free upgrade to version 9. KIS is very quick to detect system changes I wouldn't knock it, oh and and it need to have a Firewall rule in windows Vista Firewall for the kaspersky icon in the Programme list. This I recently sorted for my brother, as windows defender conflicts if you don't.

  FatboySlim71 09:44 15 Sep 2008

I agree with skidzy. I was concerned about getting Vista and to be honest I cannot see why a lot of people hate it, I find it a great OS and a lot easier to use and a lot more user friendly than XP. I can remember back in 2002? when I got my first ever PC and struggled to get to grips with XP, I only wish that I had then an OS that was as user friendly and has easy to find your way around as Vista.

  hansa 21:21 16 Sep 2008

paused kis7 and reinstalled sp1. All seems ok now.

followed advice from Fried~Chips and updated kis to 2009 version. Problem/conflict then with Spyware Doctor but after removal/re installation of sd all now appears to be ok again.

Fingers crossed that all will now remain running.

tks to all

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