Laptop/Netbook for School

  TAnsell 23:54 08 Sep 2010

I will soon be needing a new laptop for school (6th form) it needs to be 13 inches or under, be able to do internet, word docs and iTunes (very important) it would be nice if it had a relatively long battery life. Windows 7 too? (unless you have other suggestions)
My budget is £300-£400

Thank-you very much,


  Quickbeam 16:30 10 Sep 2010

I've got a 10" samsung that now comes with windows 7, mine came with XP, within that budge tclick here I do all the things that you want of it with ease. There is also the Acer range that come cheaper with similar specs.

  oregon-john 20:00 15 Nov 2010

I've just bought a Samsung N120+ for my son - he also required the same apps. So far it has worked perfectly using the installed Win 7 Starter version. I bought it from Tesco using the product vouchers that you can exchange for the cash vouchers they send you by shopping and using their credit card - so effectively cost me zero!! Info here click here

  GaT7 21:45 15 Nov 2010

Laptops are more powerful than netbooks & the former will also allow you to do more. In other words, you may be fairly disappointed by a netbook on account of it's lack of features (lack of an optical drive for one), generally lower HDD space + RAM, & limitation on the programs you can run with ease, e.g. multi-tasking (despite what Quickbeam says).

On the negative side, 13" (or smaller) laptops can be relatively expensive, but I'd still go for one to avoid long term disappointment.

As a matter of interest & curiosity, what are your school mates buying or considering?

Here are couple of laptop suggestions for £400 & ranging from 12-13":

12" Asus UL20A click here (more selection, but over budget click here)

13" Acer 3810TZ click here (more selection, but over budget click here)


  smy13 21:08 20 Nov 2010

click here.

Had mine for 6 mths great machine

  proudfoot 17:06 27 Nov 2010

I have just bought the new Samsung NF 210 with Win7 Starter OS.
It has an excellent screen, I have no experience of Win 7 Premium etc. but it is slower than our Vista laptop. We just want it for when we are travelling to watch video, music and the internet etc.
I also wanted a simple word processor and D/L Abiword click here={keywords}&pk=7043
The layout is similar to Word etc.
Can recommend it.

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