laptop won't connect to network first few times

  jiggy1965 11:43 11 Jun 2013

Though I've set it to 'automatically' my laptop won't connect to my wireless modem on startup. I have to do it manually most of the time and this takes a lot of attempts. The first 5-10 minutes I'm doing it manually, clicking on my network name and choosing 'connect'. It will then often say failed and I have to do it again, and again, and again. Finally it either connects by itself after all, or one of my manual attempts is successful. Both cases I now am connected and have no problems staying connected. So I'm guessing there's no hardware error since it all works after that and I don't loose the connection. The next day I startup my laptop again. And again I have to manually try to get a connection for the first 5 minutes. Again after a lot of attempts it finally connects and I can internet again problem free. I've updated the Broadcom adapter driver and Windows 7 is also fully updated. What else can I check? What can cause my laptop to not being able to connect the first few attempts while staying connected once it finally does connect? All my other equipment (netbook, imac, iPhone) don't have a problem so it's also not my modem at fault. Any suggestions where to check on my laptop to find the problem?

  jaywoo 15:42 11 Jun 2013

Delete the existing wireless profile and configure it again.

If you're using Broadcom software to manage wireless connections, disable it and use Windows' built in capabilities.

  jiggy1965 15:58 11 Jun 2013

I'm not exactly sure if it's using Broadcom software to manage wireless connection. Might be as it is all pre installed. It's an Acer Aspire 7715Z. Where can I check what is managing the wireless and if so, how can I make it use Windows's built in wireless manager?

  jaywoo 17:40 11 Jun 2013

Look in Control Panel for Broadcom Wireless Utility - if it's in use, there should be a check box saying something like "Let this tool manage your wireless settings", untick it

If your system tray looks like this you're using the standard Windows 7 network management;

  jiggy1965 09:43 12 Jun 2013

ok, then I'm using the standard windows network management, so that's not it. Deleted the profile and set it again, but that didn't work either. When I finally do have a connection I can internet problem free without it disconnecting. It's getting the connection which takes a lot of manual attempts. Like something is blocking it or perhaps it's trying to connect to some random channel and only connects to one particular channel which it gets after a few attempts (I'm guessing with my little windows knowledge). Perhaps there's some way I can check why it isn't connecting those first attempts while the signal is shown as 'excellent'? Perhaps finding out what is blocking it?

  jaywoo 16:11 12 Jun 2013

Get yourself a copy of NetStumbler, or use wifi diagnostics on a mobile phone to find out what wifi channels are most congested nearby. Change your router's wifi channel to 1, 6 or 11 depending on which is least busy. If your router is of the kind that dynamically adjusts this (BT Homehubs do) then it may be of limited benefit but is still worth a try.

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