Laptop (Win 10, 1809) Slow to Boot Up

  AroundAgain 12:37 23 Jan 2019

As the subject suggests, my laptop has (again) started to take a long time to boot up. I've checked in the Start Up (Task Manager) and there is little listed as I've disabled unnecessary programs.

However, in Processes, even with no programs running (ie specific apps that I've opened), there are a huge number of processes running. Some of these would appear to be related to programs I'm not intentionally running at the time, ie all 'tasks' closed, ready to shut device down.

Can anyone help me work out which of these processes I can 'disable', even though they aren't listed in StartUp or are Disabled in StartUp, please?

Many thanks. Any help is much appreciated, as usual :)

  rickf 17:50 01 Feb 2019

May be a silly suggestion but has the disc been defragmented and have you done a disc clean in MS?

  AroundAgain 18:41 01 Feb 2019


In a rush but, just to let you know, rickf, "May be a silly suggestion but has the disc been defragmented and have you done a disc clean in MS?" is not a silly question at all.

Answer is, never given it a thought!!! I'll do that tomorrow, when I've got some time. Many thanks for the 'silly' suggestion - Never a silly question - only silly answers!!! ;)

SS, thanks for your comments. Shame, in a way, that there's nothing to see what's causing the issue but at least eliminated checking that out ;) Many thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 11:43 02 Feb 2019

Julie, have you considered using Sleep instead of Shutdown? While your laptop is slumbering it only uses the tiniest amount of power, and when you awaken it, your laptop will resume and be perky in just a few seconds.

By the way, Windows 10 defrags mechanical hard drives in the background on a weekly schedule so it's unlikely that you'll see any benefits in running it manually.

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