Laptop (Win 10, 1809) Slow to Boot Up

  AroundAgain 12:37 23 Jan 2019

As the subject suggests, my laptop has (again) started to take a long time to boot up. I've checked in the Start Up (Task Manager) and there is little listed as I've disabled unnecessary programs.

However, in Processes, even with no programs running (ie specific apps that I've opened), there are a huge number of processes running. Some of these would appear to be related to programs I'm not intentionally running at the time, ie all 'tasks' closed, ready to shut device down.

Can anyone help me work out which of these processes I can 'disable', even though they aren't listed in StartUp or are Disabled in StartUp, please?

Many thanks. Any help is much appreciated, as usual :)

  wee eddie 12:52 23 Jan 2019

Install CCleaner > Go to > Tools > Start-up > Go through the 3 Sections disabling a few un-wanted stuff > If you don't use it every day, you can disable it > Just do a few each time > a couple of days later, if there have been no problems > You can do a few more > If there is a problem > Enable any that you suspect are causing the problem > Do not "Disable" any of your Security Software, at Start-up

  AroundAgain 12:58 23 Jan 2019

Thanks wee eddie I'll give it a try Hope you're keeping warm in this cold weather? J

  wee eddie 16:04 23 Jan 2019

Just off to the Curling!

  AroundAgain 16:57 23 Jan 2019

"Just off to the Curling!"

Argh! That'll be cold there, then ;)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 23 Jan 2019

Has it just had a windows update?

Found silverlite installed on my machine 2 days ago by a windows update

Just checked and I have 65 processes running

  wiganken2 18:55 23 Jan 2019

If the problem is only happening on boot-up have you checked that 'Fast Start' hasn't been turned OFF by accident?

  AroundAgain 19:28 23 Jan 2019

Hi guys

Yes, it seems to have slowed up since Windows update to 1809.

No,I don't have Silverlite installed

I have 47 Background Apps running on boot up

Fast Start is ON

There is a lot of disc writing initially during/after boot up

I haven't tried CCleaner as yet

Many thanks guys

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 23 Jan 2019

There is a lot of disc writing initially during/after boot up

its probably indexing your files

  wiganken2 09:32 25 Jan 2019

I recently had slow start-up problems and the only thing that fixed it in my case was uninstalling a program I forgotten I had installed. I have posted on this forum about it See click here .

  AroundAgain 11:27 25 Jan 2019

Thanks guys wiganken2 - I've just read your previous thread but I don't have that app on any of my devices. Handy to know about it slowing things down, tho ;)

I'm beginning to think that maybe I was unforunate enough for the laptop to be updating recently, every time I booted it up to use, and that being the issue making the laptop seem rather slow? It's not a device I use frequently.

I've been timing the boot up time of my laptop over the last few days and it is taking anything from 3m 25s to 4m to boot up, including the time it takes to finish writing to disk. There's quite a lot of WiFi activity during this time too.

Perhaps this is about normal, do you think? Having said that, my laptop is Processor Intel i7-4th Gen; RAM 8Mb; C: 1Tb Standard disc (ie not SSD)

Thanks, again, for any help / advice :)

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