laptop touchpad cursor sticking

  offshore075 19:14 05 Jul 2014

When using the laptop synaptics touchpad the cursor keeps sticking. Pressing "enter" seems to allow it to move again but only for a few seconds. The cursor works fine if a mouse is plugged in but it sticks terribly if using the touchpad. Has anybody got any ideas for a fix?

  rdave13 20:02 05 Jul 2014

Have a look at the synaptics' properties (usually easier to get to via right clicking the icon in the notification bar) and disable multi finger gestures, swipes etc., effectively setting it to one finger operation. Works much better on my HP laptop since I did this.

  offshore075 20:16 05 Jul 2014

Thanks rdave13 but I was just coming back on line to say that I think I have solved it. I deleted and reloaded the synaptics pointer driver in Device Manager and that seems to have done the trick. Maybe it had got corrupted in some way???? Never mind it seems OK now. Thanks anyway

  rdave13 20:27 05 Jul 2014

That could be that you now have the generic drivers from Microsoft and that had done basically what I suggested. Thanks for the feedback. If you could click on the 'tick' as resolved will save others from thinking you still need help. Many thanks.

  rdave13 00:35 06 Jul 2014

Seems you won't bother clicking on the tick. Shame really but not the end of the world.

  onthelimit1 08:51 06 Jul 2014

rdave - at least he reported back which is more than many seem to do these days!

  offshore075 13:42 06 Jul 2014

I tried clicking everything yesterday to try and indicate resolved but I couldn't seem to show resolved. Sometimes it is easy for people who are very familiar with the computer to forget that it is not always easy for others.

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