Laptop to and from a tablet

  elaikenn628 13:41 29 Jul 2013

Hello everyone I have just joined the forum and I would like to ask a question. My wife is going to have a tablet given by her boss and she has asked for and that has windows 8 or the other one that is forums and my question is can either system be used with a computer running windows 8? Thank you Ken

  Woolwell 17:58 29 Jul 2013

Which tablet is she getting? Most tablets can exchange information with a pc. If you want to sync documents then DropBox is very useful. Email's can be read on the tablet and computer.

  elaikenn628 19:23 29 Jul 2013

I don't know until she brings it home next month,

  Woolwell 19:36 29 Jul 2013

By the way welcome to the forum. Perhaps when she has the tablet then you can come back and ask away. People here are rarely stumped by a problem. I don't think that she will encounter too many problems. In the meantime have a look at DropBox or Microsoft SkyDrive.

  elaikenn628 08:44 31 Jul 2013

I will let you know when it arrives.

By the way can you put other windows programmes on to a windows 8 and RT, I like the Samsung galaxy.


  Woolwell 12:03 31 Jul 2013

Other programs will go on W8 but not RT. I'm not really familiar with RT but I do know that the full office program does not run on it. I understand that you have to use an app.

  Woolwell 12:04 31 Jul 2013

Isn't the Galaxy an Android device?

  chub_tor 13:23 31 Jul 2013

Woolwell, yes the Samsung Galaxy is an Android device and a mighty fine one too in my opinion. Samsung do have one Windows 8 model Click Here

  elaikenn628 17:14 02 Aug 2013

I can now let you know that the tablet the wife has received is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but it does not have windows, what do friends on here think of them.

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