Laptop suddenly unresponsive and slow

  vamsi4709 14:23 01 Nov 2015

My laptop of windows 10(hp) suddenly became very very slow and unresponsive. Anyone help me please.

  AroundAgain 15:04 01 Nov 2015

While you wait for more help, I would suggest you run Malwarebytes , a free download and Spybot, to name just a couple.

These will check for any malware on your laptop. Also, run a scan of your antivirus. That way, you will exclude, or find, malware or virus being responsible.

The other thing worth checking is that your C:\ drive isn't getting full

Another thing you can do is to do a System Restore of when the laptop was running well.

Have you installed anything recently? Maybe that could be causing issues.

Post back with the outcome having done these. Someone with more knowledge/experience will be along later and it will be useful to know the outcome of your scans.

  onthelimit1 15:24 01 Nov 2015

Sounds like a virus. If the previously suggested programs have no success, try running the free version (30 days) of Hitmanpro from SurfRight.

  spuds 10:32 02 Nov 2015

If you have recently downloaded W10 onto an existing O/S, then this might be one of the reasons, especially if there have been other updates trying to load. Check to see if any updates are outstanding.

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