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Laptop suddenly disabled- nothing works ??

  IanS1 08:50 31 Aug 2019

Guys, I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me some insight to the following problem -

  • yesterday for no apparent reason I seemed to have unintentionally disabled my laptop (Acer Swift-3, running Windows 10), ie everything just stopped working … mouse clicks did nothing, and the keyboard had no effect. Repeatedly powering Off & On also had no effect.

I had the impression that I must have unintentionally pressed some combination of keys that had disabled the laptop. Is that possible?

After repeatedly powering Off & On, and trying every possible key combination, suddenly after about 40 mins everything started worked normally again … it seemed as if I had finally hit upon the correct keystrokes to resume normal functions.

Question – what do you think could have happened there? Is there some combination of keystrokes or mouse clicks that could disable everything like that?

  wee eddie 09:33 31 Aug 2019

Whatever caused the Problem.

Backup - Backup - Backup.

An External Hard Drive can be bought for less than £50 and then Google "Backup Software free" will give you a wealth of choices.

  Jollyjohn 10:16 01 Sep 2019

I experienced a similar issue on Thursday morning. Laptop took 45 minutes to become useable. Did manage to get task manager open and CPU was running at 90 - 100% RAM 75% and 60% Disk activity. Wouldn't sort so not 100% sure what was causing it but at least one Windows update related service was running. After a restart it is now working fine.

  Govan1x 11:20 01 Sep 2019


There was a couple of Windows updates on thursday. So maybe it was downloading them.

  stevenbartelt 09:22 12 Sep 2019

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