Laptop Sound card/Audacity/Recording inputs help!!

  iamapirate 23:59 24 Jan 2010

ok, first post, go easy. I recently asked on a great forum about this, and was directed here. The full problem is this:

"Basically I've just upgraded from windows xp to 7. I've got sound running through my laptop all dandy, speakers are all great. Now, before upgrading, my method of converting file types was to play a song through the sound card, capture it with audacity and export it as an mp3. Now for some reason, it's not sensing any recording inputs at all. Not even the sound going through itself. It literally has no recording input devices, apart from the recording input (the minijack on the front). I've downloaded the latest driver, but it won't install. I get the following error message: click here
I have tried uninstalling the current (default) sound card driver that came with win 7, then re-installing the other, but the same message came up.

The other problem is that for some reason it's split the laptop's outputs into speakers and headphones, yet only sends applications through the headphones. I've been at this all night, and havn't really got anywhere with it. any ideas before I just revert back to XP?

  BRYNIT 00:46 25 Jan 2010

With Vista you had to enable stereo mixer so hopefully should work with Win7.

Go to control panel. Click on the Sound speaker icon. Click on the record tab. Right click with mouse and select show disabled devices. Hopefully you should see stereo mixer. Right click on stereo mixer and enable. Hopefully this should allow audacity to work.

  iamapirate 18:14 25 Jan 2010

nope, sorry, hasn't worked. it doesn't show anything other than 'microphone' which was there before (not plugged in). Very annoying...

Whilest I'm here, may need another topic, but my screen resolution is messed up - it's not wide enough so it stretches the screen out to compensate. Under where I can change the resolution it has a slider with only 800x600 and 800x1280 I think. But both of them don't quite work. And there are no display drivers available for download for W7 32bit.

  chub_tor 19:05 25 Jan 2010

Others may know more than me but if you look at the Audacity download site click here there is no mention of Windows 7 support.

  chub_tor 19:07 25 Jan 2010

But a beta version click here mentions provisional support, perhaps try that one.

  iamapirate 22:07 25 Jan 2010

The problem is NOT that audacity doesn't work! It's that my sound card's output can't be used as an input! usually anything going through the sound card can be used as an input to audacity, and comes up as a recording input. usually it's the 'wave' input if I recall correctly.

I have the beta version (1.3) of audacity, and that's the one that's causing all the problems.

  BRYNIT 23:54 25 Jan 2010

This may help.

click here

click here

click here

If you cannot find Stereo Mixer you may need to up date your drivers.

With ref to screen resolution. If we know what video card you have someone may know where you can get the drivers from.

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