Laptop should be "warm" to boot to Win (Ubuntu ok)

  oh_mss 05:31 12 Apr 2018

Hi everybody,

I try to cut to the chase. My Vaio machine (VPCSB36FG) has this issue for the last couple of years! and keep geeting worse that windows (7,8,10) restarts, shuts down or freezes randomly at boot, startup or in the middle of something. Sometimes with the slightest move or touching the monitor.

I have tried the thing below:

Cleaning the fans Updating to the latest driver updates Updating BIOS Fresh installation of Win 7,8,8.1,10 MANY times Installed Ubuntu (working just fine but it's linux) Changed the HDD Tested the RAM and changed Tested with different chargers and batteries Until recently when I was fed up with Ubuntu and its lack of software, I installed Windows after many tries and learned the windows only boot if the laptop is physically "warm"!

But Ubuntu just works fine if the machine is cold!

For now I have to leave the laptop is BIOS for like 10 min until the fans go crazy and then I know it would boot to Win!!

What's your guess or recommendation to try?

I appreciate your time for reading and helping me, in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 14 Apr 2018

Disable Fast boot in BIOS

  oh_mss 22:55 14 Apr 2018

Have already tested that. Both within the OS and BIOS. No luck!

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