Laptop powers off at startup

  Swallowhill 16:43 05 Nov 2011

On startup, power comes on, the hard disc runs and the system starts to boot but after 10 or 15 seconds the system powers off. This is a sudden and repeatable event, the screen sometimes getting into 'startup repair', but always powering off before any Recovery. After removal of the harddisk, memory slots and video card, I can poweron continuously and the main fan runs ok. A second fan (video chip?) does not run. Replacement of the hdd and memory is ok but as soon as the video card is re-installed the system returns to powering off after 10/15 seconds. Any suggestions? The video card is an nvidia gtx go 7900/7950 and I don't want follow an expensive path of unit replacement- the laptop is 4 years old, a Rock Xtreme CTX Pro (a Clevo generic laptop with a Hannstar J MV-4 motherboard.

  xania 13:02 07 Nov 2011

This sounds very similar to a problem I had last week after a re-partitioning crash. Immediately ruled out a hardware problem as Windows did start loading (and also in safe mode) so I put it down to a damaged driver but had to re-install entire system (not a problem in my case) to resolve. However, YOU could try booting from your install DVD and then reinstalling Windows over the top to recover the damaged driver whilst keeping all yuour settings and data in place.

  Swallowhill 19:48 07 Nov 2011

Thanks for input. Have already tried the instal disc but cannot get beyond the switch-off described earlier. Am waiting for a replacement fan (from Singapore) but am not optimistic. I think it's a hardware failure in the video card but don't think it's easy to find a (cost effective)replacement.

  Swallowhill 14:29 17 Nov 2011

Problem solved. Did some research on YouTube and discovered this was not a new problem. Many HP laptops seem to have had a similar problem, the solution being a reflow of the solder joints. Various methods proposed from infra-red reflow station, re-heating in the kitchen oven, reflowing with a gas torch and finally burning out an Ikea tea candle on the surface of the chip. I went for the kitchen oven, giving the video card 5 minutes at 230C. Success!!!! Saved me a few shillings and well don YouTube.

  xania 15:21 17 Nov 2011

Oh dear. I don't like the sound of that. I must remeber to avoid HP Laptops. How old was yours?

  hookheathwebdesign 11:21 28 Nov 2011

Guildford Web Design Since no one has come up with a response to have the laptop boot up on powering up, I'm wondering if you've given any thought to maybe finding some other type of stimuli to have the laptop come alive. Wake on LAN?

  difarn 12:13 28 Nov 2011


This does sound a bit drastic but it worked. Not many laptops have the separate video card that you mention, they are integrated into the mother bard. Wonder if it's because the second fan for the video chip doesn't work causing an automatic shut down to stop overheating?

Laptops need to be kept as cool as possible - the laptop cooling bases are efficient, if not a bit noisy.

Does it mean you have found a new type of "oven chip"?

  difarn 12:18 28 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Now I come to think about it some time ago my laptop had a graphics card problem. I took it to my local computer shop and the contacted the manufacturer. What they did was to "refloat" the mother board in solder - same effect I suppose. Cost me £50 but it works fine.

  ShaunaTexis 08:04 01 Feb 2012

The infected laptops encounter random shutdown problem until some maintenance activity is being performed on the system.

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Hope it works for you.

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