Laptop not recognizing external hard drive

  triflesterm 14:34 06 Mar 2017


I'm trying to format my external hard drive to fat 32.

1st problem is my external hard drive isn't showing up in my computer, even though it shows up in device manager.

2nd problem is Windows 8 only formats in NTFS, not fat 32.

Please help.

Thanks Steve

  PatCy 15:37 08 Mar 2017

You can find some articles on the subject online. From what I read, the disk is probably in a format, used by the tv, and not recognised by windows. On that disk management windows, find what format it is saying the disk has. If you have doubts on that, post a printscreen of the disk management window.

  PatCy 15:40 08 Mar 2017

Another thing, do you intend to keep any data the disk has, or is it empty?

  triflesterm 15:58 08 Mar 2017

I don't need to keep anything & just need to format to fat 32 somehow?

  PatCy 16:25 08 Mar 2017

On disk management, by right clicking that disk, you'll probably have the option of formatting. You may need to delete the partition that already exists, since it probably is in a format not recognised by windows.

  triflesterm 17:00 08 Mar 2017

I got a message saying the disk wasn't initialized, so I right clicked on disk & clicked initialize, but then go message saying the disk wasn't ready.

  triflesterm 17:02 08 Mar 2017

There wasn't a format option when I right clicked on the disk

  PatCy 17:03 08 Mar 2017

if you showed us a print screen it would be easier to help you.

  triflesterm 17:08 08 Mar 2017

How do you print screen?

  PatCy 17:11 08 Mar 2017

It depends on your keyboard. You'll probably find a how to by googling.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 09 Mar 2017

You need to use a third party partition manager such as gparted suggested earlier or Easus

they will recognise the format / file structure on the drive (as its most likely a linux type system), and you may even be able to explore the drive or reformat it as FAt 32 if you wish.

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