Laptop not recognizing external hard drive

  triflesterm 14:34 06 Mar 2017


I'm trying to format my external hard drive to fat 32.

1st problem is my external hard drive isn't showing up in my computer, even though it shows up in device manager.

2nd problem is Windows 8 only formats in NTFS, not fat 32.

Please help.

Thanks Steve

  wee eddie 15:10 06 Mar 2017


  PatCy 15:26 06 Mar 2017

Hello. I don't know much about it, but I know of one reason for it not to be recognised: being in Dynamic Format. You can check this in Disk Management. It should say "dynamic invalid" if that's the case.

  triflesterm 15:31 06 Mar 2017

Thanks for replying.

I'll check

  wee eddie 16:24 06 Mar 2017

You must have a good reason for re-Formatting to a Legacy Format, which FAT 32 is.

I'm interested. What is the reason?

  Procrastinus 10:59 08 Mar 2017

Try this. Boot with it and then you can play with partitions, format to lots, etc. I have used it for years!

  triflesterm 15:20 08 Mar 2017


I've opened disk management, its not saying dynamic, though it is saying unknown & not initialized.

Please help.

  triflesterm 15:24 08 Mar 2017

Byw the HD was previously used for a Samsung TV & my new LG TV doesn't show my hd, I've read that the TV supports fat 32.

  PatCy 15:28 08 Mar 2017

Maybe more info about the disk would help. How was it used before? Did it contained the operating system of a computer, or it was only for storage? A print-screen of the disk manager could help too.

  PatCy 15:30 08 Mar 2017

(Ok X) you answered my question while I was typing it.

  triflesterm 15:34 08 Mar 2017

Thanks for replying

Not sure what to do next?

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