Laptop is not charging with working charger

  suresh.a 04:42 15 Dec 2015

When I am connecting the charger to the laptop, the laptop is not charging (LED light is not on) and LED on the adapter/charger also turning off. What could be problem?

Things I already tried and see the same behavior: 1. Tried with another charger. 2. Removed battery and try to turn on with AC power 3. Hold the power button for few seconds-minutes to get rid of static power

Charger is working fine. Laptop is out of warrenty. (I bought the brand new laptop one year back. Model: Dell Inspiron 15, i5).

  Govan1x 09:47 15 Dec 2015

[Charger is working fine] if it was working fine the light on it would not turn off. Even though it does light it does not mean the charger is working. Maybe try plugging it into a different socket.

  Lachlan MacKenzie 17:46 16 Dec 2015

Maybe the light is turning of as a security measure, because of the computers battery state. I would recommended getting your hardware checked. Your battery is most likely dead or damaged ! Hope this helped !

  Bris 20:56 16 Dec 2015

Two chargers exhibiting the same symptoms and the laptop not powering up, with or without the battery, suggests a problem with the motherboard.

As Lachlan suggested, the power supply light turning off could be a protection feature in the event of it detecting a short on the output.

  RV510 09:34 17 Dec 2015

If the laptop is just over a year old you still have rights, take it back to where you bought it and ask them to sort it out, I had a problem with a HP laptop a few years ago that was eventually proved to be an inherent fault with that model series, it took me 3 years to convince the retailer of the fact but I eventually got it sorted. If you go on the manufacturers website and look for your model there should be a fault finding chart for you to identify what the fault may be, alternatively contact the manufacturer and discuss the problem with them. Under consumer Law the product should be 'fit for purpose' for 6 years.

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