Laptop keyboard problems after update

  davidmball9 12:55 06 Jan 2018

I recently had a problem with my laptop after the major Win 10 update (lost usb mouse). I finally solved this by creating a usb stick boot drive and reloading windows. Last night, my laptop automatically updated again and no I have keyboard problems. typing u gives 4, and other alpha characters come up as numbers also. I tried updating the keyboard driver, but device manager says it is up to date. I then tried going back to previous version, but it would not let me. I then tried system reset and reloaded windows. This did not work, as it would not accept my password, so keyboard was still screwed and I lost USB functionality again so I could not even connect a wireless Keyboard. I then tried reloading Windows from my USB stick again. This has worked, but is anyone else having similar problems? I can't reload windows every time there is an update. Is my machine too old for Win 10 - Fujitsu Amilo Pi 2515, T5450 @ 1.66Ghtz Core2 Duo. 2 GB RAM 32 BIT Windows. Would ipdating the BIOS help? Or should I just go back to Windows 7? Any advice appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:14 06 Jan 2018

... typing u gives 4.........

It sounds like you've got number lock turned on. There'll be a key to enable/disable it on the keyboard.

  davidmball9 14:39 06 Jan 2018

Well yeh, that seems to have been the problem. Thanks. Not sure how it gets turned on automatically, but I will know in the future if I get a similar problem during updates.

  alanrwood 16:11 06 Jan 2018

It is controlled from the BIOS. There is normally the option somewhere to turn numlock either on or off when booting.

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