Laptop keeps freezing

  lilythepink 16:22 21 Jan 2010

I have plenty of memory and I restored it back to a date in November, but it is still freezing with that stupid salt cellar, the only way I can turn if off, is by forcing it off by the on/off button....

  chub_tor 17:29 21 Jan 2010

Laptops are prone to dirt and dust causing overheating and consequently screen freezing. Get a vacuum cleaner and run it over the inlet and outlet airways and try again.

  lilythepink 21:06 21 Jan 2010

Will do and will let you know if it helps

  johnmathew395 17:09 23 Feb 2010

The cause of the freezing, or locking up, of your computer, is due to some either corrupted or missing files. And more specifically, missing or corrupted registry files. These are the files which tell everything on your how it is suppose to work. Basically, they are configuration files. And if these files get corrupted, or messed up, it can wreck havoc.

Sometimes the registry files end up missing. This can happen when you uninstall software from your computer. The software being uninstalled may remove registry files also associated with another program. There should be a message asking you whether or not you want to delete the files as they are associated with another program. Your best bet is to say NO to this and leave the files. If the files end up missing, then the program which needs them will stall, hang, or freeze the next time it tries to run. But there is a simple way to fix this.

By just running registry scan software on your computer, you can find these problems and fix them right away. It will let you know which files are bad, and will fix them to its original state. And it is this simple step which will show you how to fix your computer freezing.

  jamdanie04 12:13 27 Apr 2010

There are several factors that need to be considered if your laptop keeps freezing. A few that come to mind are:

Age of the laptop
How badly had it been ‘abused’
Operating System files
Hardware drivers

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  kristain 08:28 21 Sep 2011


Overheating is one of the frequent causes of freezing and other errors in your HP Laptops. So, if your laptops keeps freezing then the first and the most important thing that you would have to check is whether your fan is working or not. If your fan is not working then you would have to buy a cooler pad for your HP laptop. The cooler pad which sits under your laptop would prevent it from getting overheated.

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