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Laptop has broken screen, need to retrieve data

  shrutirahim 05:31 26 Apr 2017

Hi. I have a DELL, XPS Ultrabook (Intel Core i5, Windows 8) laptop and everything was fine until today morning when my screen just turned grey-ish black. I had dropped my laptop and slightly broken the top right edge of the screen months back but everything was working fine. I don't know why this suddenly happened. I have important data in my laptop so I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve the data without fixing the screen? Maybe remove the hard drive? My laptop has an SSD actually instead of a hard drive. I am in desperate need of help as I might have to pay around 650 dollars to fix the screen! I might as well buy a new laptop. But I really need to get the data from my old one.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 08:21 26 Apr 2017

You can buy an external enclosure for your SSD for a reasonable price. There are plenty of them to choose from.

Connect the enclosure to another computer to get at the files.

  Archonar 08:45 26 Apr 2017

If you have a usb drive lying around that will take the files you could try plugging the laptop into a monitor / tv which will still work if it's just the screen that's damaged. That way you can still use the laptop until a new one arrives and you can move the files to the usb drive ready for the new laptop.

  bumpkin 19:26 26 Apr 2017
  Burn-it 23:47 26 Apr 2017

Plug an external monitor into it.

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