Laptop Hardrive Mysteriously Full

  Big Trev 19:32 27 Feb 2018

I have a Dell Inspiron 14-3452. Windows 10. 2 gig of RAM. 28 gig hard drive. Of this 28 gig, only 1.5 is free. It's seen little use and has few programs or apps installed. Ran WinDirStat and the biggest folder is Windows 11.1GB. Within that WinSxS has 4.9GB. No folder bigger than 381MB in there. Seems too large! Is there something I could delete to free up some space?

  Govan1x 23:23 27 Feb 2018

Go into File Explorer and click on boot C on the left hand side to open it up and check to see if it has Windows old at the bottom of it.

If so you can run disk clean up and that should remove it.

  Big Trev 00:40 28 Feb 2018

No Windows Old, I'm afraid. I've run Windows Cleaner and CCleaner. Thanks.

  john bunyan 07:05 28 Feb 2018

Using CCleaner, Tools see how many restore points there are and only keep the latest 2

  wiganken2 09:13 28 Feb 2018

You say you have run "Windows cleaner". Do you mean you have run the Windows "Disk clean-up" utility? If not then run "Disk clean-up", Click OK to start. The first scan will find some files to delete but do not click OK at this point. Instead click on "Clean up system files" and then OK to start a second scan. This will find a lot more files to delete. On scan completion click on OK to start the delete process. This can take a long time, maybe 3 hours?

  Forum Editor 15:14 28 Feb 2018

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  Big Trev 15:25 28 Feb 2018

Hi. No restore points showing in CCleaner. Ran Disk Clean up as described but can see no option to clean up system files. How would I access that?

  Govan1x 16:38 28 Feb 2018

When you run disk Clean up when it finishes another box will open ,Just click on Clean up system files and let that run.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 28 Feb 2018

28 gig hard drive

Do you mean 128Gb?

My windows 10 system takes up about 35Gb and thats with the user folders cotaing photos videos and music moved to a different hard drive.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:15 28 Feb 2018

Trev, this website may help with the Windows Disk Cleanup options - just ignore the pesky advertisements on that page.

However, whatever you do with it you'll always be close to full capacity on a drive that size. Virtually all devices that have a (ridiculously small) 32GB drive are showing red in File Explorer from the moment they're switched on for the first time :(

  john bunyan 17:36 28 Feb 2018

That size HD is hardly more than a tablet so it is likely to be used only for browsing with Windows 32 bit if you are lucky. My C Drive takes 65 Gig for Windows ( 26 Gig) and other installed programmes, with all data on another drive.

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