Laptop freezes on Windows 8.1 logo screen

  woodm01 21:23 11 Nov 2013

I have an HP DV6 Pavilion laptop upgraded to Windows 8.1.

On a cold boot (after system shutdown) the laptop freezes on the Windows Logo screen. If I turn off and immediately reboot it boots up fine, any ideas what could be causing this?

There are no drivers installed, this is a fresh clean installation.

  woodm01 19:07 12 Nov 2013

Problem seems to be the Fastboot option. If disabled works fine.

The Fastboot option always worked on Windows 8, but won't now in Windows 8.1. Any ideas anyone?

  chub_tor 12:35 13 Nov 2013

Sorry I cannot offer a solution but it seems that you are not alone Click Here

  theDarkness 22:08 24 Nov 2013

I had an acer laptop freezing on the welcome screen wallpaper on 8.0. With fast boot off, I didn't see a major difference in loading time, so I just turned it off via the bios. No freeze since. I also changed my graphics drivers for generic intel ones, as I thought that might have been related to the issue at first. I haven't tried fast boot again or updating my graphics drivers.

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