Laptop doesnt boot, and cannot repair.

  Dante6723 22:41 28 Mar 2008

Recently I accidentally deleted some crucial windows files in my hard disk.

Now when I turn on my laptop it wont load Vista. It gets to the scrolling bar part where it says microsoft and then fades into darkness for all eternity.

I decided to repair my computer using my Recovery Disk. I put the disk in and it didn't work. You know that default blue windows vista background? It stays on that forever with a mouse cursor that you can move around.

Can anyone please tell me what I can do with a laptop which wont boot, wont run in safe mode and wont run the recovery disk? Thank you!


(Its a Samsung R20, and the recovery disk uses the "Samsung Recovery Solution II")

  SteveWH 23:44 28 Mar 2008

Have you checked in the Bios to make dure that your CD/DVD drive is the first boot device?

  LinH 10:15 29 Mar 2008

And once you have done that run the recovery disk and go for the clean install option.


  Dante6723 16:54 01 Apr 2008

Thanks for the response but I've now encountered another problem.

I reinstalled Windows Vista using the recovery disk, but after I shut down the computer for the night and turned it on the next morning it wont work.

It comes up with. "Windows couldnt load. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this"

Then it goes on to tell me I need to repair it using the recovery disk, but I've repaired it at least 300 times now and still comes up with the same. When I click on "Start Windows Normally" it goes black forever.

Further help is much appreciated, thanks!

  User-1229748 18:29 01 Apr 2008

i've read somewhere before about vista when it detects a change in certain hardware but i can't find it at the moment.i'll keep looking for it but the omens aren't good i'm afraid :(

  Dante6723 21:55 01 Apr 2008

I've still got the warranty but I was kinda leaving that as last resort because they take it away for basically forever.

For some reason my laptop isn't friends with my recovery disk. it will load the windows files then just freeze, but I can still move the cursor. This thing is really getting me down, I cant do my assignments on this piece of junk.

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