Laptop cd - rw driver not working

  Ingrida Baltraityte 10:41 14 Dec 2016

Can't burn any cd on my laptop, sometimes i need to hit burn button about 3,5 or even 7 times to be burned. Now, doesn't matter how many times i would try to press burn button it is now working out. driver read the cd, but, As always, it tells: can't burn the cd for unknown reason. i checked, i have cd driver up to date, so don't know what to do...

  Jollyjohn 11:39 14 Dec 2016

It would suggest the drive has failed. There are two lasers, one to read and one to write. The write one has failed. Unless you specifically need to write to a cd I would suggest using a couple of USB sticks.

You could replace the drive, search on eBay for the correct model and google for a guide to swap them. A fairly straight forward job.

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