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Laptop boots up with CPU at 100%?

  ivesy 16:55 18 Feb 2020

Hi my son has just told me today his laptop isn't working.....

I've had a look and it boots up fine showing the desktop and folders. The taskbar short cuts appear then disappear, the screen blinks every now and again seems to refresh.

I'm able to view the task manager and it's showing that between Windows explorer and Start they are using around 100% of he CPU occasionally Windows problem reporting appears then another one does!

I'm very limited what I can do on the laptop (I was able to use the CC Cleaner short cut and ran that) but I was able to start in safe mode but the problems remained. From that I tried a system restore but I got a common error from everything I did and that was 'your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you' followed by stop code 0xc000021a.

I get the same message when trying to reset the PC or uninstall updates. I think there's been a Windows update this week but I'm grasping at straws wondering what the problem is.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 18 Feb 2020

click here you can download a boot media tool and make a win 10 iso on USB from click here

  ivesy 11:40 19 Feb 2020

Thanks fruit bat I'll give that a go when I get home :)

  AroundAgain 18:03 19 Feb 2020

What happens to CPU activity if you leave the laptop running? Mine is sometimes downloading/installing updates once I boot it up and can take a while to finish and for the laptop to function as normal

Just a random suggestion ;) Hope you manage to sort your problem very soon

  ivesy 16:47 05 Apr 2020

I'm back! Ok I re-installed Windows 10 and that solved the problem - so thanks for the help. However, the laptop is now started to boot in an endless loop of 'stop code critical process died' the restarting with the message 'preparing automatic repair loop'. I managed to get into the BIOS earlier on to boot from USB so I could install Windows again. I didn't connect to the internet and tried shutting down and restarting to see if it worked, it did! Until I connected to the internet and tried to run CC Cleaner. It downloaded and tried to install but it was just hanging so I tried ctrl alt del but that didn't do anything so I restarted and guess what? The original message appeared again! I'm currently running a System Extensive test which is showing the drives, processor and battery have passed. It's currently running the HD Long DST check and the Memory extensive check which has an estimated time remaining of 4 hours 8 mins 30 sec......Again any help or advice would be appreciated. I did replace the HDD with SDD last year and that's all I've done with it and it did work fine for around 6 or 7 months?

  ivesy 12:00 06 Apr 2020

Quick update - all these tests came out fine which is positive but no idea what's causing this issue?

  ivesy 16:37 06 Apr 2020

Could it be a BIOS setting?

  x13 17:59 06 Apr 2020

I know you've done a Drive self test and shows okay but I'd be tempted to try a spare drive and install Windows on that. If the same then your SSD should be fine. You could also run on one stick of ram then test the other one if you have two. Same if you have more sticks, try different combinations.

  ivesy 18:57 06 Apr 2020

ok thanks I'll try that - I'm currently re-installing Windows (again)

  ivesy 12:40 07 Apr 2020

It's fixed - phew. I uninstalled Windows 10 and updated the BIOS and so far so good!

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