Laptop ASUS x550c won't boot/start up! Help please?!

  nyanni 14:43 19 Jul 2014

Hello, so a day ago, I've got this problem.

My laptop doesn't start up and when I press the Power button, it only shows the Logo and then turns into a blank black screen. I can only see the mouse cursor. I tried to press Shift + F8 or only F8. Also I think I have no other idea on how to boot it up and came here for asking for help. The only thing I could access so far was Bios by pressing the ESC button.

Can someone help me out? Thank you a lot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 19 Jul 2014

make and model of laptop?

what operating system? 7, 8, 8.1?

  alanrwood 15:40 20 Jul 2014


The title says it is an Asus X550C and they were supplied with Win 8 by Amazon etc last year in i5 and i7 versions.

Hi Nyanni

My guess is that it will need a recovery performing unless the HDD or video system has gone kaput. Less likely to be the video as it shows the splash screen and gets no further which to me suggests it is not getting to the stage of loading Windows.

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