Laptop 32bit or 64bit

  BoilerOil 09:16 08 Sep 2011


I have a Laptop I bought 3 years ago pre-installed with Windows Vista 32bit and 2GB of memory. Since then I have partitioned the hard disk and installed Windows7 32bit on D: with duel boot, later I uninstalled Windows7 32bit from disk D: (there is nothing on disk D:). Then did a full install of Windows7 32bit on disk C:, since then the Laptop takes a long time to load.

My question is would it be better to reformat the whole disk which would remove everything, and insall Windows7 64bit instead or Windows7 32bit.

Thank you for your help.

  gengiscant 09:27 08 Sep 2011

AS you only have 2GB RAM then I suggest that Windows 7 32bit is more than adequate. As you seem to be having boot-up problems which certainly will not have been help by all the previous installations, then a complete fresh install is the way to go.

  BoilerOil 10:11 08 Sep 2011

Will a complete fresh install delete everything on my hard drive, or do I need to reformat the hard drive to remove everything and have a clean start.

  gengiscant 10:29 08 Sep 2011

Fresh install will give you the opportunity to completely wipe the drive. Make sure you click on custom when asked then you will get the choice if you have more than one partition.

This may help: Fresh install

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