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Laptop at 100% cpu due to System (rtoskrnl.exe)

  Leah W 17:22 25 Oct 2019

I recently bought a second-hand laptop and did a full factory reset on it. Upon completing the set-up, the fans started whirring at full speed and the cpu usage is constantly at 100% (if I set a maximum cpu usage it will stay at the maximum). Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have tried a few things, disabling Windows Search, enabling my firewall on everything for private networks, and using the Dism command on cmd but no luck. It runs fine in Safe Mode. Thanks so much if you can help.

Additional info:

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  Leah W 17:34 25 Oct 2019

Forgot to mention but I also updated all of my drivers.

  wee eddie 18:01 25 Oct 2019

I would expect that this is related to Windows Updates

  Leah W 20:08 25 Oct 2019

Makes sense, just checked and there seems to be a new update which I'll try. The safe mode boot seemed to be a fluke as I retried it and it's at 100% cpu the same way now.

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