Kingston USB Flash Drive not recognised

  terry_r 15:43 20 Mar 2007

I have used a Kingston data traveller 2 (both 1 GB and 2GB versions) with XP with no issues. However my friend has Vista. The drive is not recognised when inserted. A different USB flash drive of another make does work. So I know the USB hub is OK. Has anyone any ideas? Is there a driver missing from Vista that XP has?

  Jimmy14 15:54 20 Mar 2007

If you have any files stored on them at the moment, back them up somewhere else for the time being. You will need to do this on XP as it won't recognize the drive at all in Vista. Plug the usb drive in and go to my computer, right click the flash drive and go to format. Once the format window appears, click start. When it finishes formatting the usb drive take it out and try it on Vista. A lot of other people had this problem and usually this fix works.

  Dick W 10:08 21 Mar 2007

I have the same problem with an Integral USB Flashdrive. Tried the format route - didnt work. Contacted Integral who said that I needed to install drivers from original Vista CD. Problem is that my computer came with vista pre installed! Contacted PC World but they are as much use as a choc teapot! Back to Integral who said that I need to download from MS Vista site. Tried to get on that but struggled to find USB driver download site. How have you sorted out your issue?

  crosstrainer 10:16 21 Mar 2007

It would seem that no drivers yet exist for your flash fact: click here It seems to have no support for XP either, is it old? New ones are cheap as chips these days.

  terry_r 11:23 21 Mar 2007

The drive is in fact brand new current stock. The 2 GB Green as shown in your link (DTI/XX
DataTraveler 2.0 is the name).
I have contacted Kingston support and they replied that the drive is Vista compatible. I am not the only one as a few work colleagues also have these drive in different formats, they all work on Win 2k and XP but not Vista. I have now formatted my drive and will try Dick W's suggestion. Fingers crossed.

Dick if you do read this I have formatted on Win 2K. There was an option for FAT or NTFS or FAT 32. I used FAT, the default. Do you think this will be an issue?

  Dick W 11:36 21 Mar 2007

I have tried both formatting with FAT and NTFS - both have the same result.
Am currently looking at Driver Detective which detects and downloads the correct drivers but it costs $29.95 which rather defeats the point

  terry_r 13:29 21 Mar 2007

Thank you Dick, that suggestion worked for me. I formatted my 1GB drive on Windows 2000 to FAT at work (we are backward here!!! There is rumor we may get XP in a few year!!!). I then walked to Dixons and tried the drive in a Vista machine. It worked!
I have yet to try my 2GB drive but I'm sure that will work just the same. Very strange that Kingston support couldn't suggest that I format it.

  terry_r 13:32 21 Mar 2007

Thank you too Jimmy too. Sorry I missed you off my last post. You were the one that suggested the format idea. It works for Kingston 1GB. 2GB yet to test.

  terry_r 17:02 04 Apr 2007

I have just got confirmation that the 2GB flash drive will work if formated with FAT32.

  takeitez 19:13 05 Sep 2007

Hi Jimmy - I have a 4 GB kingston data traveler and Vista just refuses to recognise the drive , i have gone through the responses and want to confirm the kind of format FAT32 / NTFS .... pls suggest.

  boot-it-out 20:52 23 Sep 2007

I had a similar problem :
An integral ( make ) 2GB Flash drive - When plugged into my Vista laptop the Add Hardware wizard failed to find drivers, asking for the installation CD that came with the device ( of course there wasn't one ).

So I selected the option for "Browse my computer" for drivers ( or whatever the option was called - it was similar to this ), and set the search location as "C:" with the check box for "Search sub folders" also checked.

This forced the computer to search all of the C: drive. Lo and behold the device was found and recognised as a Mass storage device, drivers were installed, after which it worked perfectly :-)

Good luck with it !

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