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kindle transfer/usb stick to kindle

  alibob1526 15:57 14 Mar 2012

A friend gave me a usb stick with Kindle ebooks on it, I made a new folder in documents the dragged & dropped a number of book titles from the usb stick to my laptop new folder. I then ejected the usb stick, clicked on new folder in documents, connected my kindle & tried to download the ebooks to my kindle. When I thought I had finished I tried to find the books on my Kindle, nothing there. Went to documents ,clicked on new folder & was told folder empty. As the books on the usb stick had dissapeared, where did they go?

  lotvic 16:27 14 Mar 2012

"tried to download the ebooks to my kindle" what method did you use?

Using Windows Explorer, I just drag and drop from pc to Documents folder on Kindle then when done eject kindle (safely remove hardware)

  mgmcc 22:12 14 Mar 2012

Get Amazon's Send to Kindle application which adds the option to your right-click context menu. One of the advantages of using this is that the latest page you've read is tracked and can be sync'd with multiple Kindle readers. The book can also be downloaded directly into all devices.

  lotvic 10:53 15 Mar 2012

If you don't want to involve amazon sync you could just edit the registry to add 'Copy To Folder' and 'Move to Folder' to the rightclick menu. Also has benefit of copying/moving any of your other document files to wherever you want (same as drag and drop but you don't need Windows Explorer Folder View open to see where to 'drop')

  alibob1526 16:06 15 Mar 2012

Many thanks to Lotvic and Mgmcc, your tips were invaluable. I have now downloaded the ebooks from my friends usb stick. Many many thanks to you both for your help,alibob. PS: hope this is the correct way to reply?

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