Keyboard is typing symbols twice

  Vinnie16 19:32 28 Dec 2016

So I have had multiple keyboards over time on my PC and all of them seem to type symbols such as; ~ and " twice and then not at all

I will show an example, so I go to type a dash (~) but when I do nothing appears, but when I do it again 2 (~~) appear or when I click space it appears?

This can happen with multiple symbols but not letters or words . . .

Any help, It is very hard to explain but if I need to post a video I will


  wee eddie 20:34 28 Dec 2016

Just a thought.

Your Keyboard's response time may be a little fast. There is a different way in which we access many symbols and if one leaves a finger on the key a little longer than one would while normally typing you could create that double hit.

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