Keyboard starts typing on own - Windows 10

  leedsloveruk 15:36 17 Dec 2015


Since downloading windows 10 a week or so ago my keyboard starts typing independently (same character but not always the same character i.e. ZZZZZZZZZ or //////////// etc). This happens whether I am using the keyboard at the time or not; even happening in sleep/standby mode - windows then tells me that I have entered the wrong password! When it happens it results in me not being able to do anything with the computer including turning it off in the normal way, as when you open any document, internet search bar, windows start menu it just fills the area with the repeating character. The only way to stop it is to cut the power to the computer and then restart. First thing I tried was a different keyboard assuming the one I was using was glitchy but same thing happened. Any suggestions anyone???

  RV510 15:49 17 Dec 2015

Uninstall 10 and go back to your previous system, you do this through 'system restore'. To find out exactly how you do so go to the MS Windows website for instructions, you have one month to revert back from the time/date that you downloaded 10. There are a tremendous amount of people having issues with 10 so don't be in any hurry to reinstall it until all the issues have been addressed, that's if they ever are.

  tullie 18:29 17 Dec 2015

Try another keyboard.

  lotvic 20:51 17 Dec 2015

RV510, sure doesn't like W10 ಠ_ಠ

  RV510 21:32 17 Dec 2015

Whatever makes you think that I wonder!, yes, you're right, don't get me wrong, I'm not against technology advancing and change but the more complicated it gets the chances of it failing is greater, it's only as good as the Human being developing and programming it but we are getting more and more reliant on tech that when it fails we are helpless, perhaps it's just that I remember when life was simpler, Bakelite telephones, black and white TV that only had 2 channels and when you had to do any calculations you used your brain and people ate real food that they knew exactly where it came from.

  leedsloveruk 21:50 17 Dec 2015

Thank you RV510 - Uninstalled and reinstalled 8.1 - much better! Google chrome and norton needed re-downloading as they had uninstalled too in the process.

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