Keyboard and mic problems(may be usb ports?)

  Rosa Calin 16:22 06 Dec 2018

Keyboard and mic problems(may be usb ports?) Hi, i have some frustrating problems with my keyboard and mic(maybe related). Sometimes when i turn on my pc the keyboard types multiple letters like sssss ggggg and so on , or missing letters when typing. Also when i want to delete some letters it deletes all. Always when i have this problem, my mic from hyperx cloud2 has a huge continnuous background noise so my friends cant hear my voice behind that noise.

Here is keyboard behavior: "Hello, this is my keyboard" -types ok "Hllllo thi isssss y keeeeboaddd" -problem

Sometimes it works ok and i have no problems, after i shut down or pc is going in sleep mode, then when i turn it on problems arrives. I have a cheap keyboard and is not broken because i change it with another one and still have the same problem

Things i have tryied: Changing keyboard Updating windows Updating all drivers from cd Updating bios Play with keyboard repeat delay and all that Changing usb ports (I/O and case ports) And some other things that i dont remember for the momment.

New Pc specs: Asus strix z270e I7 7700k 8gb ram 3000mhz 250gb ssd my old gtx460 Windows10 pro

Also it seems like the problems occures after the display is shutting down for inactivity, but problems remain after restarting pc.

  KEITH 1955 18:15 06 Dec 2018

with regards to keyboard you may have accidently activated something called sticky keys , many years ago before games macros were invented you had to hold your finger on a key for a long time or tap it very fast. google sticky keys at top of screen a big box will appear telling you how to turn them on off.

Finally do you have problems with anything else that gets plugged into the same usb sockets , you may find flash drive cant work properly if a socket is faulty. you can check the microphone in sound settings , if you get a loud buzz it could either be the sensitivity of you microphone is set too high , it could also be a faulty or worn usb socket , jack plus give a buzz if they begin to wear. To cut down on wear of pc's usb sockets I plug my headset into a short usb extension.

if you hve any of the half life games they have a microphone gain set up in them. As I say buzzing is sometimes caused by the mics controls set too high.

  lindabelt 10:10 20 Dec 2018

try to Reinstall your keyboard and mic driver,Update driver and Adjust your keyboard and mic settings.hope its work. This article contains detailed information. can help you

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