keyboard issue with windows7

  filthyphil 16:03 18 Mar 2010

i have just installed windows 7 on my laptop and now quite a few of my keys do not work any suggestions

  sunnystaines 17:08 18 Mar 2010

look on makers web for k/b driver

  chub_tor 17:25 18 Mar 2010

Is your keyboard set to the correct region? Start, Control Panel, Clock Language and Region, Region and Language, Change Location, Set all the tabs for United Kingdom.

  User-1229748 01:48 19 Mar 2010

what make and model of lappy?

  filthyphil 11:16 19 Mar 2010

acer aspire 5920

  chub_tor 15:54 19 Mar 2010

That model is a couple of years old now but looking at reviews and complaints I can find no comments about problem keyboards. Are you sure that it is not just a location problem caused by the change to Windows 7?

Which keys are giving you problems? It's not the @and " keys by any chance?

  filthyphil 16:04 19 Mar 2010

no the keys that dont workare a,s,q,w,e,2,3,1,z
i have no idea why but they worked before i put win7 on and now they dont???

  User-1229748 20:11 19 Mar 2010

the latest drivers from acer are here,apologies if you've already looked here click here

  User-1229748 20:14 19 Mar 2010

did you upgrade from vista or do a clean install of windows 7?

  filthyphil 09:44 20 Mar 2010

i did a clean install of w7 but now laptop is totally gone just get a blank screen with a flashing line in top left corner so cannot even log on or get laptop to boot

  User-1229748 15:21 20 Mar 2010

will it not boot from windows 7 disk?

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