keyboard dosen't react, yet it keeps pressing "A"?

  Qube12 20:07 01 May 2018

Long story short, my (rare) Sony Vaio PRO 13 died a couple months ago, due to my stupidity - I spilled liquid on top of the keyboard... I thought it was it and I would never ever get a new one, or pay overprice for a used one on Ebay...5-6 MONTH later, I notes a orange light in my room, and my Laptop was back alive, or sorta...

I quickly plugged the AC power in and it was up and running... I came into windows start screen and even played music on YouTube.. The thing is, when I spilled liquid back then, I open the back of the PC to clean it.. After I thought it worked, I shut it down and screw the screws back in. But when I turned it back on, it started normally, but the Keyboard was "Dead" and kept pressing "A". After that, the fan started to freak out and shuts the computer down (Like its overheating...) I tried and tried to search anything on Google, but no one seems to have the problem I have. I can't do anything, or go to recovery funktion, because my Keyboard dosen't work - I can't type my Password... I was thinking to buy a external Keyboard?

I do have a new Laptop but I really really want to make the Sony Vaio come back alive..What to dO? And Sorry for my broken English, from Sweden.

  onthelimit1 09:23 02 May 2018

It is probably still being caused by the damage the keyboard suffered. If you don't want to go to the expense of a new keyboard, then you could remove the existing one (or disconnect its ribbon cable) so it doesn't interfere with the machine and then use a USB board.

Your English is better than my Swedish! I love Stockholm - been there several times.

  wee eddie 13:10 02 May 2018

Nothing much to lose. Try this.

Prise off the "A" Key and clean around it

  jhodgson66 13:41 02 May 2018

yes. try cleaning around the a key. sounds like it may be stuck 'on' locking out the other keys and also filling a buffer (hence the fan going crazy while the processor tries to clear it)

  Qube12 15:13 02 May 2018

Gonna try to clean the "A" button but it seems just fine. The button itself is not stuck or anything?

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