The @ key on my keyboard

  ClaudiaMThompson 06:33 25 Aug 2013

Hello, Yesterday I just got a new computer with Windows 8 on it.

I want to keep my old keyboard because someone told me the new wireless one will require changing the batteries a lot, which I do not want to have to do.

Anyway, the keyboard I have has the quote sign " where the @ should be and vice versa. How can I change that? Every time I type in my email address it is really frustrating.

I know that before I had to change the Region or Language in my control panel, but since this isn't the new keyboard they sent to me, then what do I do?


  ClaudiaMThompson 06:35 25 Aug 2013

NOTE: Just as a sidenote to my question, I am from America and moved to the UK but I cannot remember if this is an American or a British Keyboard. The " quote sign is above the number 2 on this keyboard.

  BRYNIT 07:56 25 Aug 2013

Go to Control Panel/Region and Languages/keyboards and languages/change keyboard/general if it's UK change to US

  chub_tor 09:10 25 Aug 2013

BRYNIT has the answer for you but just to confirm that you have a US Keyboard, in addition to the position switch for " and @ you will find that you do not have a £ sign above the 3, you will have a hash # sign Click Here

  adgta 17:26 25 Aug 2013

I did as the above poster advised and changed the region from US to UK. But when I apply the changes the region stays as US. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

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