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Kaspersky is preventing my access to Cunard

  slaydeuk 16:58 27 Nov 2019

Since I renewed my Kasperky membership I have been unable to access the Cunard website. The Cunard home page flashes up and then vanishes. repeated attempts to log on have no effect. If I totally uninstal Kaspersky I can get on to Cunard without problem. When I reinstall Kaspersky, the problem returns. I have done this three times. In desperation I have tried to contact Kasperky online support but have failed to find a way to post a question on their community help site. Can anyone suggest how I can solve the problem, short of buying another make of antivirus software?

  mrgrumpy 13:05 30 Nov 2019

I have Kaspersky , in settings click protection and then click web anti virus , click advanced at the bottom , click on configure trusted urls , on the box that opens you will see "add" at the bottom , click on this and enter the details of the site you cant get on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 30 Nov 2019

whitelist it click here

  slaydeuk 14:29 30 Nov 2019

Thanks for the suggested action. Unfortunately, I might be a bit thick, but I can't find ''web anti virus'' in either Windows 10 settings or in my Kaspersky Total Security. As it happens, I seem to have fixed the problem with Cunard by uninstalling all the add-ons that get installed with Kaspersky. However, it doesn't seem to have fixed the same problem with P&O Cruises web site. So I am still interested in further clarification of your proposal.

  slaydeuk 14:34 30 Nov 2019

Sorry, I spoke too soon. Just tried to get onto Cunard and I find the problem is back. Help!!

  wee eddie 16:36 30 Nov 2019

Are you trying to access Cunard, through Google?

  slaydeuk 16:57 30 Nov 2019

Not directly. Google is my default search engine, but I insert the Cunard address in the address bar in place of Google (or it comes up with it from memory). I suppose I am using Google, I never thought of it as a Google seach, but maybe it is. Where does that leave us?

  mrgrumpy 17:49 30 Nov 2019

Hi slaydeuk , I would like to try something as I have Kaspersky paid for same as you. You need to tell me if the page wont load at all or is it only when you try to log in.

As soon as you see the web address in your search bar I need you to right click use copy and then right click and paste the link into your reply to me , I will then let you know if my Kaspersky stops me using the site.

NOTE TO FE..... I don't think what I am saying is classed as spamming a site because if he does what I ask I may see what his problem is.

  wee eddie 18:31 30 Nov 2019

I happen to have Chrome set up, with Google as my Home Page. Kaspersky is my Antivirus.

So, if I google Cunard. I get the usual pages of Options and Clicking on the one, click here, Google takes me to a blank page with a very brief flash of Cunard's Home Page.

However, If I open Edge and copy in Cunard's Home Page address (above) it goes directly to it.

My mind tells me that this is Google's problem, not Kaspersky's.

  slaydeuk 19:30 30 Nov 2019

Hi mrgrumpy. This(I hope) is the link you asked for: click here get the same as wee eddie, ie, I get a flash of the Cunard site and then blank. If I do it again I don't even get the flash. Also, I get Cunard OK in Edge and I don't have the problem at all on my laptop using all the same software.


  wee eddie 20:46 30 Nov 2019

Google's the problem

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