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Kaspersky Antivirus Software Key will not Delete

  griffon56 15:09 07 Jun 2014

Hi All, After removing Kaspersky Antivirus, CCleaner does not seem to be able to get rid of an obsolete software key named HKLM\Software\KasperskyLab. I've copied it to a text file then to the Recycle Bin then emptied that with CCleaner but it doesn't work either. Any idea of how to get rid of it once and for all, and why does certain software cling on so obtrusively?

  hiwatt 18:21 07 Jun 2014

Or you could just delete it manually.It's a registry entry.Back up the registry first and then go to start and type regedit.Click on the little arrow to expand HKEYLOCALMACHINE do the same again for the software tab and delete the entry for kaspersky.

  hiwatt 18:22 07 Jun 2014

Here's how to back up the here

  griffon56 17:11 08 Jun 2014

Thank you all. I went down the support.kaspersky route and guess what, it didn't work. I was not surprised. I'll give the registry method a try. Please consider the matter closed, thank you all again.

  griffon56 17:32 08 Jun 2014

Hi hiwatt, The Kaspersky key will not allow itself to be deleted. I'm not at all surprised again. However, I have done the useful thing of establishing a new restore point, tho' why in heaven's name you can't find it under Control Panel Back-up and Restore, but only under System, is a mystery. I'll just live with it, it does nothing, it's just irritating that such software has the arrogance to remain in existence after a legitimate process of uninstalling it has taken place. I'm sure that I'm not alone in thinking that computers don't perform as they should and that they frequently don't follow instructions. Either that, or the procedure we are following has been wrongly written by the originators. Rant over!

  hiwatt 22:13 08 Jun 2014

Run ccleaner in safe mode and see if that works?If not try the other methods in safe mode.

  wee eddie 01:42 09 Jun 2014

Sometimes, when one has unsuccessfully removed a program. The solution is to reinstall it and start again.

All Anti virus programs are designed to be difficult to uninstal. So that a Virus can not remove them it is necessary to use the uninstaller downloaded from their site

  wee eddie 13:19 09 Jun 2014

Just a thought: If you initially bought Kaspersky on-line, such a Key might be created to allow you to reinstall, during the Paid-For period, should you have needed to uninstall Kaspersky at any time during that period.

If that were the case then, of course, it would not be deletable until the Paid-For period had completed.

  griffon56 17:14 11 Jun 2014

Thank you Wee Eddie for your continued attention. The Kaspersky was a prize for a letter to a mag and came in a retail box with CD. At renewal time I waited until the period had expired and did not attempt to uninstall the program for another month using CCleaner Tools section. The last remaining trace seems to be harmless so I shall leave it under the general heading of just another computer outrage.

Even if it is necessary for an anti-virus program to be difficult to uninstall by a malicious attack, I don't see why that has to make it uninstallable by legitimate means. On the face of it it ought to be possible for the writers to code in such a way that the uninstall block only occurs when the program has done its work in identifying an illegitimate intrusion. It looks more like pique or greed to hang on regardless when the rightful licencee wants to uninstall. I rest my case.

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