laurie53 10:20 09 Jun 2009

Having done a reinstall I keep getting a message about an incompatible Kapersky driver.

Since I have never used Kapersky and it's in my Win 7 partition it must have installed with Win 7, so why am I getting an incompatibility message?

Any idea how I can rid of Kapersky? It doesn't appear in control panel, and when I do a download and install from the the site recommended by MS I get "incompatible with this OS".

The message appearing every time I boot is more of an inconvenience than anything else. but I would like to get rid of it (and Kapersky itself) if I can.

  wilsenda 19:55 09 Jun 2009

Not sure about this, but try spelling Kaspersky correctly, and anyhow why not keep it - it's the best there is!

  Strawballs 00:17 10 Jun 2009

I got exactly the same message about incompatible driver likely to cause instabillity so it was blocked when I tried installing Norton 360v3 that I got for free after the Beta test.

Can only think win7 has a problem with some of the AV programs, AVG working fine

  laurie53 06:10 10 Jun 2009

"try spelling Kaspersky correctly,"

I don't see how spelling "Kapersky" correctly on this forum will suddenly make it appear in Control Pane, or make it compatible with Win 7.

"why not keep it"

I don't want it.

  laurie53 19:19 13 Jun 2009


Can no-one help me to get rid of Kaspersky?

  Strawballs 19:47 13 Jun 2009

You could try a good registry cleaner click here not tried it with Windows 7 yet but works great with Vista

  laurie53 19:54 13 Jun 2009

Does a registry cleaner uninstall a programme?

I've run CCleaner, which does work with Win 7, and Kaspersky doesn't appear.

  Strawballs 22:14 13 Jun 2009

You said at the beginning you never used it that it was only in the Win7 partion I was wondering if it was just bits left over in the registry

  laurie53 08:47 14 Jun 2009

Ah! I see. Thanks, never thought of that.

It really is a bit of a mystery.

I have Win 7 installed on another computer from the same ISO disc and yet there is no sign of this message.

And why am I being directed to a site to download an updated driver, only to be told, when I try, that this driver is not compatible with Win7?

The OS is so stable and trouble free in all other respects (so far!).

  smoking44 21:04 14 Jun 2009

This version of kaspersky is for windows 7
click here run as a beta.
Install then un-install might cure the problem.

You can get a free system manager for windows at
click here free for the life of windows 7 RC

  Strawballs 23:27 14 Jun 2009

I think smoking44 is on to something there

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